About me...

I am a travelling artist, self taught and inspired by the wild beauty that is my home, Australia.

For five years, I had the pleasure of filling our van with my art essentials and moving forth, into the great unknown. Direction – everywhere!

I am entirely elated that I can capture warmth of this astonishing country and represent her beauty through her landscapes, her sway of wildflowers and my travels.

 Lashings of texture and colour form my abstracted landscapes and intuitive compositions. Experimentation adds vitality and keeps my work fresh and always evolving.

 My media of choice is dependent on what the work dictates. I try to remain open to each piece and be guided intuitively as to the direction in which the work wants to unfold.

 I strive to render both form and line in a delightfully, descriptive and enticing way drawing you in, to examine the layers and intricate details of its created history, more closely.


Creating a sense of excitement, in discovery, is important to me... to portray the essence of place is what I strive to deliver, in each and every painting.


Tracy Waite

Artist and Creator.