About me...

I am a travelling artist, self taught and inspired by the wild beauty that is my home, Australia.

For five years, I have had the pleasure of filling our van with my art essentials and moving forth, into the great unknown. Direction – everywhere.

I have ventured down many long winding roads, cementing myself in the vastness of different Australian soils that have become the backdrop for my growing collection of canvases. All the while putting my little caravan table to good use as my studio space! My weapons of choice are generally Inks and oils, dividing my time between the two, doing larger works when we are home for Christmas.

These towns we visit, country, coastal, remote and deep in the red rocky abyss of this great land, are glittered with sunshine that both excites and energises me. The wild animals and flora and fauna both of sharp teeth and of a delicate nature, that sit side by side in unison all become my muses, carving the path for the road to my creations you see along the way.

My signature pink underpaintings, served to you with lashings of my most beloved texture and undying love of experimentation with strong light and contrasting shadow, drip from my brush unashamedly, to present you with the warmth and beauty of this great country. Cooled only by the endless blue skies and caresses of billowing white clouds that venture as far as my eyes can see embracing this sun bleached land.

I am entirely elated that I can capture embers of the warmth of this astonishing country and represent her beauty through her landscapes, her sway of wildflowers, her animals, my travels.

This collective body of work is why I call Australia home.

          Tracy Waite